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The Fantasy of Light & Fluffy: K-On! In Contrast With Gundam (& Cowboy Bebop) [No Spoilers]

I usually go for the kind of fantasy where the problems that afflict the world are inauthentically complex, like war. I say the complexity isn’t authentic because the resolution is often clean: peace, love, and song are the magic stuff; … Continue reading

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The Fantasy World of Education: Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight

Utopia: a Perfect Society/World It does not exist, except as an ideal, a fantasy. It is a fiction. For the purpose of this post I will treat it in a broader sense: a fantasized, or desired world to observe or … Continue reading

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What I Inevitably Think About When I Watch Moé Anime

It can’t be helped.

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Six Moments of 2010: All from K-ON!! (feat. H. Runge, Kneesocks, Athrun Zala, Ikari Gendo, Char Aznable, & the special participation of RANKA LEE)

Outside of my core fan pursuits, K-On!! gave me the best anime watching experience this year. I’m not a fan of this kind of show, despite my enjoyment of shows like it (Aria, Manabi Straight, and Lucky Star) that is, … Continue reading

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The Feat of “In-universe Parody” & What it Does for Shows (e.g. K-ON!!, Genesis of Aquarion)

I noticed that I enjoy it when characters in a show make impressions of each other, i.e. play each other for laughs. In the latest K-ON!! episode (18), Mio and Ritsu are thrust to play Romeo and Juliet respectively for … Continue reading

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