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From Good to Great, From Awful to AWESOME: How Fans Can CHANGE THE WORLD (of Anime)

It’s time to get serious. I sometimes hear that so much power lies in the hands of us fans. I want to believe it too. But instead of waiting to be proven right, I’ll SEIZE POWER WITH MY OWN HANDS. … Continue reading

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The Plot to Put a Plot in K-ON!! Can it Be Done?

I have not kept up with episodic blogs re: K-ON!! but a series of posts on Fuzakenna! got me to organize a lot of the thinking I’ve been doing on the show, to the point that I’m breaking my usual … Continue reading

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To Name is to Own: Our Possessions and the Names we Give Them (Also, Yui Owns K-ON!!)

Since you’re reading this right now, it proves you have power over language (english). You now the names of things, what to call them, and how to use them. You have the power to be either informed by, or entertained … Continue reading

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The Quite Bearable Lightness and Fluffiness of the K-ON! Special (But It Didn’t Give Me What I Never Knew I Wanted)

While I personally experienced K-ON! on a powerful level, I make no suggestions that it is objectively a valuable piece of culture. It’s not going to rank highly on my favorite show lists and what not. That said, watching this … Continue reading

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Moments of 2009: This is Our Budokan! Yes I’m talking about Yui

It’s silly, and probably never meant to touch, move, or inspire anyone. Maybe get a few laughs, get a few people to HNGGGH, to fap, or more specifically buy merchandise, K-ON! isn’t a show where people expect something powerful. I … Continue reading

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