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Themed posts on episodes of Macross Frontier. This series of posts were made a year after the original broadcast run, and are less reactions and analysis, and more of Remembering Love for the show.

The Sighs of Kawamori Shouji: Macross Frontier 10

Self-reference is a frontier that the Macross franchise is always exploring. The very idea of “remembering love” is a core concept within it, and is something that I’ve taken as an ideology of appreciation. Subesequent installments in the franchise pay … Continue reading

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Friendly Fire: Macross Frontier 09 (How many ongoing narrative plot points is effectively moved forward despite telling a side-story; it’s a feat indeed)

For the first time, the show employs a medias res-like device. The narrative is in the thick of the action: Alto calls for Michel to shoot the Large Type Vajra his VF-25F Messiah is grappling with. This is a Michel … Continue reading

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(Episode) 8 Reasons Why Alto Saotome’s Life Sucks

On the surface, Alto Saotome has it all – looks, a respected surname, and the dream job of being a pilot for SMS. However, life is not all Valkyrie models and mock battles for the young flyboy. Looking at it … Continue reading

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Macross Frontier 08 PISSES ME OFF: We Remonstrate Love

I really wanted to remember love here. I really did. This is going to get ugly. Episode 08: ‘High School Queen’ is the ugliest work of animation in the Macross franchise. While I can’t prove this with scietific and statistical … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Warfare in Macross: First Fight (Macross Frontier 07)

A moment of silence as we remember love for the fallen, and the heroes during 9/11/2001. The episode itself is a showcase of the martial capabilities of the SMS. By this I mean the tactics, the personnel, and the ordnance; … Continue reading

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