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Mazinkaiser SKL 03: The LAST WORD on Super Robot Violence

This short OVA is complete. It’s legacy is to accomplish what the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movies failed to do: to deliver the best robot battles involving super robots. To be fair, Lagann-Hen had nowhere to go but bigger and … Continue reading

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Mazinkaiser SKL 02 and The Language of Violence

Hyperbole aside, since this episode does have some moments of bomb-diffusing, telepathic boob activities, and maybe some other thing that I can’t seem to remember. It is otherwise a constant series of physical violence. It’s remarkable, really. Two set-piece sieges: … Continue reading

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Mazinkaiser SKL is like Star Driver for Real Boys

[NO SPOILERS] It takes a certain maturity to appreciate (not uh, ‘ironically’ make fun of) the effeminate male antics of Star Driver with its flashy costumes, flamboyant movements, and androgynous character designs. This is only worth mentioning in this conversation … Continue reading

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God, the Devil, and Imagawa Yasuhiro

I am far less a fan of creators than the works actually created. Being this way I approach this post knowing that I won’t be providing much insight or contributions to the biography of the anime director Imagawa Yasuhiro, or … Continue reading

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Moments of 2009: Without a Doubt, the Real Star of the Shin Mazinger Z is Revealed

There are two breakout characters in Shin Mazinger Z: Nishikori Tsubasa, and Baron Ashura. The former used to languish in obscurity in the manga Violence Jack, and the latter was the bad guy that Kabuto Koji used to beat up … Continue reading

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