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Thank You

As you can see, today marks a special, but sad day. Today, We Remember Love ends its’ fantastic run. From a humble beginning, it has become the place to discuss the Gundam and Macross universe. The unique writing, and engaging … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Intellectual Property in Jinrui

A surprising hit this season is the series Humanity has Declined (Jinrui wa suitai shimashita, or “Jinrui” for short). This series makes a satirical parody of many things  in our modern lives. In episode 3, we find the story digging up media from … Continue reading

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A Crisis of Identity in Kokoro Connect

I picked up Kokoro Connect a couple of episodes in, after some prodding from fellow anibloggers. The show’s key premise in these opening episodes is that some sort of supreme spirit is being mischievous, and is using the 5 main … Continue reading

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Eureka seveN Astral Ocean Name References

These post now has a permanent place in the WRL specials menu. You can find it at: Eureka seveN Astral Ocean References In the original Eureka series, names were important. The names had significance, even if it was only to … Continue reading

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WHEN EDITORIALS FIGHT BACK: Superfanicom vs. We Remember Love (Anime Blog Tourney Silliness)

There’s a tournament going on, where blogs are pitted against each other and readers are to vote which one they prefer to read. Very few people actually vote reader preference based on serious consideration of content. It’s too much to … Continue reading

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