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The Greatest Generation (Civilization: The Road To War – A Let’s Play Attempt)

I Kind Of Wish I Could Be Playing This On Multiplayer With Ghost or Myssa Rei as The Philippines But What Are Ya Gonna Do Yeah well, I know I was supposed to be doing a write up of the … Continue reading

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Best-in-Class Robot/Pilot(s) Combination: Delicious Mecha Faggotry

If you had to choose what ‘anime (manga) universe’ you could be in and become a mecha pilot there (with your own machine of course) what would it be? Being a shameless mecha fan(tard), of course this is SRS BSNS. … Continue reading

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Well Here’s To Us……(An Introduction To Civilization IV And Why It’s Become My Favourite Game Of All Time)

About a month ago I found myself coming into some extra money so I decided to treat myself to something and on a whim I bought the Civilization IV pack off of steam and fired it on up.  Previously I … Continue reading

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Let’s play a game: Marry/Boff/Kill

Time to swing for the lulz. In the 1st season of our favorite TV comedy 30 Rock, Frank, Toofer, and Lutz were playing a game of “Marry/Boff/Kill” wherein they are given 3 choices of females and they have to assign … Continue reading

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