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The Final Inspection of Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspectors

Rather than a review, this is more of an inspection of my own experience, as a viewer who really wanted to get into this show the same way I got into the games. While it was airing, I had yet … Continue reading

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A Fanboy’s First Impression of Super Robot Wars Z 2.1

The latest title in the established Super Robot Wars franchise is finally here! I’ve played dozens of games in the series and I can honestly say that I like all of them, at least to some degree. I’ve had my … Continue reading

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An Abridged History of the Super Robot Wars Franchise (Part 1)

While I’ve always wanted to get into these games in a major way, my inability to read moon runes prevented me from enjoying any of them (I tried playing α 3 on my old Playstation 2, but failed). It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Birth of a New Legend: Super Robot Wars J (Finally I get to start playing an English version: I WAS MADE FOR THIS)

I found out about Super Robot Wars back in 2003 when I active on the Mechwarrior: Dark Age (collectible tabletop miniatures game) tournament scene in Manila. My favorite weekend tourney was held in a gaming center that also had lots … Continue reading

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