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Being Popular Isn’t Always a Good Thing – Outlaw Star 5-8

So you’ve just watched a friend die, stolen one of the most advanced ships in the galaxy, and managed to make an enemy of the Space Pirates. Not bad for your first trip in space since you were a kid. … Continue reading

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Daddy Daughter Time

Like GL, I’m a father with three young kids, in particular, two young girls. In the last couple of years, as a causal form I’ve entertainment, I’ve taken a stronger interest in watching anime. My only real exposure in the … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Anime and Manga (Part III)

[Part II] In this ongoing series I explore (along with fellow blogger friends) a concept of watching shows and reading manga for particular purposes, which I find personally more useful than categorizing them in genre lists. Those lists are still … Continue reading

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Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (My boyfriend is a nimrod.)

I take a unique and special joy out of watching a classic and connecting with it.  It’s different now than how it was when I first watched pitifully, horrible quality fansubs (I’m talking about picture AND translation) over 10 years … Continue reading

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Moments of 2010: FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 60 I Find The Darkest Hour

I had watched this show in a marathon pace taking about two weeks a few months after the show finished airing. As such, my experience of it differs from those who followed the show from week to week over the … Continue reading

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