It Isn’t Over Until Elena Acts Normal-Eureka seveN Episode 20

Eureka Seven AO Masked Villan Elena

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 19]

Never mind. She may never be normal.

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Gundam AGE 48 Remembers the Show I Loved For Almost a Year Now


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 47]

No. I’m not saying this makes up for the entire Kio arc. Also, there’s one more episode for it to all go to waste. But, for 20 or so minutes, I was reminded of the show I loved all year; the show I was so ready to proclaim as the best TV Gundam anime since Turn A Gundam, or even better than it. This episode won’t make sense of all the narrative turns, and stylistic decisions over the last 15 or so episodes, but I will celebrate it.

Yes. I’m reminded of how Mobile Suit Z Gundam completely tanked before the last three episodes… with the high point being the penultimate one (“Casualties of War”), but Mobile Suit Gundam AGE dug itself a far, far deeper hole, and the episode in question does NOT give the same shock and power Z Gundam’s did, despite being more melodramatically named “Flash of Despair.”

Having said all that, I can now celebrate what I really enjoyed watching this weekend. What’s amazing is how it barely involves Flit doing awesome things!

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Forgotten Truths-Eureka seveN AO Episode 19

Eureka Seven AO Secret Head

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 18]

Yes, I know I’m a week late. Between family and work, life has gotten busy this Fall. But honestly, that’s no excuse. I guess the reason I’m really late is an indication of my growing frustration with this show. And this week’s episode, with it’s shotgun approach to unraveling mysteries and creating new ones, was almost a letdown. It was utterly anticlimactic.  And why do I think that?

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YACK DECULTURE! Lynn Minmay Did NOT Sing “Do You Remember Love?”


It’s a strange thing to write, as a devoted Macross fan, and an irredeemable Minmay fan, on the eve of the fictional date of the Armstice between the Human and Zentreadi forces on September 11, 2009 – but only if we acknowledge Macross: Do You Remember Love? as canon, a decision whose consideration lies at the heart of this essay.

This film adaptation of the TV Anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross did many things in the history of anime, but within the context of Macross fandom, it made a huge star out of Lynn Minmay. Those who first encountered the franchise as it were through DYRL were “spared” the complexity of the TV Anime version, seeing a mostly winsome idol who participated in a love triangle that shaped galactic history; by singing in the largest battle that humans ever fought in, and turning the tide with her performance.

That account of Minmay’s history is mostly consistent between the two media sources. However, there are critical and important differences.

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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 47: Kio The Burst of Infinite Mercy


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 46]

Seric dies, not fighting, but plotted as the maturity flag for Capt. Natora Einus. His machine is damaged enough to remain in the path of the Diva’s main gun, and Natora has to fire. Thankfully, she does. Seric shouldn’t have to stay any longer in this show. As much as he admonishes Kio for his way of not fighting, he could only wish he had that kind of enemy.

Kio had his chance too, as Zanald kills Deen for no real reason except to show further how worthless he is as a character beyond a mere plot device As such, he services the plot by tempting Kio to go all berserk – which he does, and doesn’t. Because Kio’s mercy is its own X-Rounder. Kio’s conscience has gone full-Newtype, and will protect every enemy pilot from the Gundam, no matter how overpowered the attack.

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