Finding Your Starter Moe Anime

By 21stcenturydigitalboy~

Do you know what ‘moe’ is? Chances are you do, and if you don’t, it’s not something you can learn through words alone. The phenomenon is one of the biggest factors of modern anime, and is a major part of otaku culture and psychology. ‘Moe’ is defined as a ‘turn-on’ or an aspect of a character that makes them attractive.

Customarily, a moe girl is one who the viewer feels a need to protect. The concept of moe has been around forever, but the word only came into usage more recently, probably within the last 10 years. Moe centers on ‘cuteness’ and a lot of it’s roots are in the computer game genre known as ‘galge’ or ‘eroge’ or ‘dating sims’ or ‘visual novels’ which are mostly text-based games that simulate starting a relationship with a moe girl, and can have stories in the range of anything from traditional romance to psychological horror.

Recently, I did some research on moe and decided I should share my findings as well as make use of my knowledge. Moe can be found in all kinds of series, and as an anime fan it is one of the  most important concepts to be aware of. Therefor, I composed this guide to help you get started on exploring the world of moe.

This simple game will take you through a multitude of questions adorned with moe pictures to help find just what moe anime you will enjoy most. There are 19 results and around 70 paths to make sure you get exactly what you need. Ready to get into moe?


Be sure to comment with your result as well as thoughts on this project~ ❤

3 Responses to Finding Your Starter Moe Anime

  1. kadian1364 says:

    Woah. When did u make this?

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