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A Dichotomy of Protagonists: Kawamori Shoji Presents Something to Chew On

[SPOILERS FOR MACROSS] Kawamori Shoji, creator of the Macross franchise said that in Super Dimension Fortress Macross/Macross: Do You Remember Love? “(Hikaru is the hero) Misa is the heroine, Minmay is the star.” I always thought of this as rather … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of The Flower Whose Name We—alshdlghldshlhhglg DAT ANARU ANIME (AnoHana something something)

Rightly or wrongly I’ve lumped two shows together this season for their melodramatic conceits and their eye-popping character designs for some of their female characters: Hanasaku Iroha, and AnoHana. It’s also unfair because Iroha has more than one eye-popping character … Continue reading

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