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COME AT ME BROS: Nominations For The 2nd Annual Sai Mecha Tournament

Sai Mecha 2012 nominations are now being accepted, and there are new and exciting rules to keep the competition awesome. Send an email of your 10 mecha nominations to executiveotaku AT gmail DOT com, but by all means post your … Continue reading

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The Kowloon Standard Date Plan and How Aquarion EVOL Continues to Show the Best Hong Kong in Animation

[The Complete and Ultimate Post on Aquarion EVOL Episodes 1 & 2] First, it was Neo Venezia… It’s a challenge for me to rewatch Aria the Origination now (even worse is Aria the Animation) because Aquarion Evol illustrated and animated … Continue reading

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The Complete & Ultimate Post on Aquarion EVOL Episode 1

Why does this franchise exist? Why? I am asking a serious question. Let’s put away the obvious reasons: make money, sell merchandise, etc. But surely, there are more efficient and less expensive ways to make a buck and sell toys … Continue reading

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The Feat of “In-universe Parody” & What it Does for Shows (e.g. K-ON!!, Genesis of Aquarion)

I noticed that I enjoy it when characters in a show make impressions of each other, i.e. play each other for laughs. In the latest K-ON!! episode (18), Mio and Ritsu are thrust to play Romeo and Juliet respectively for … Continue reading

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