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Robot Fighting, a Retrospective: From Brawling to Mass Destruction and Back

I’ve recently started watching Tetsujin 28 Go (2004), an incredible TV anime done with the same spirit and gravitas as was the OVA Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1991), both by Yasuhiro Imagawa based on Yokohama Mitsuteru’s … Continue reading

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Code Geass vs. VOTOMS: The Mecha Roller Derby of Destruction!

[Amazingly, NO SPOILERS!] I had a moment of existential doubt approaching the end of Armored Trooper VOTOMS. It wasn’t the show I hoped it would be. This is not entirely a bad thing. Thanks to reading The Animanachronism, particularly the … Continue reading

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Mai Waifu, SHE IS GAR

She agreed to watch Armored Trooper VOTOMS with me. I’ve been meaning to see this show for some time, given it’s reputation as a dark, gritty-as-hell, /m/anly plate of GAR. Yeah sybilant is a Ouran High School Host Club-loving girl … Continue reading

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