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Nisemonogatari 11: The Fitting Finale of This Fake Show (So Very, Very Bad)

[Nisemonogatari 10] I’ll let the siscon fanservice slide, as overt and explicit as it was – on second thought, no. This is the kind of sophistry that pisses me off. Two levels of cop-out: You’re not my real sister, so … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari 10: NOT FILLER, It’s Ghostbuster on Ghostbuster Violence! WHO’S THE REAL GHOSTBUSTER? WHO NEEDS CLOTHES?

[Nisemonogatari 09] Yay. I’m fully aware that this is the kind of episode that would’ve gotten me quite excited about this show months ago, never mind the incest smut [LOLOLOL IT DOESN’T COUNT BECAUSE TSUKIHI IS NOT HIS REAL SISTER]. … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Not to Drop Nisemonogatari After 9 Episodes

[Nisemonogatari 08] Bakemonogatari is show that didn’t fit what I thought I’d like in anime, but it rewarded me. I loved it. Nisemonogatari gives a little of what its predecessor did in terms of what got me excited about it, … Continue reading

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Immaculate Confessions

The confession of love is something I find uniquely valued in anime. It’s not that it doesn’t exist in other media – it is the staple conclusion of most romance stories (particularly comedies). I do think that in anime it’s … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari 07 is Everything I Love and Loathe About This Franchise

[Nisemonogatari 06] This episode crammed half a season’s worth of content in it. It felt long, it felt meaty. At 20 or so minutes it’s neither longer or shorter than any episode before it, but it’s time to wrap things … Continue reading

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