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We Remember Our First Year in Blogging: WRL Turns One Year, Lessons Learned

No I don’t think this is particularly significant in the scheme of things (the anime and manga industry, the related fandoms; even if only for the Macross and Gundam ones). Nonetheless it’s been a year, and we’ve published over two … Continue reading

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An Overarching Methodology Behind Anime and Manga Appreciation: a Reflection

I feel younger every day. Seriously. I turned 32 half a year ago, but I feel like a fan a quarter my age. When I was 8 years old, the first run of SDF-Macross was still showing on local TV, … Continue reading

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Creativity and Laziness: Four Fags Who Run Anime Blogs

[This post is a product of my own creative bankruptcy and laziness ->] I take anime blogging to be serious business. I don’t mean it in terms that anything I write is of lasting significance to the world, literatrue, or … Continue reading

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The Party of Awkward Hats is Diminished: I was drunk, but many interesting guests are leaving and it’s a sobering thought.

I have an aversion to the word (ani)blogosphere, feeling like it’s an awkward hat that’s required in an invite to a party of blogs concerning anime. And I have felt that the sphere is a fun party with so many … Continue reading

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