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The Relevant Brilliance of Broken Blade (Finale)

When I think of brilliance I usually associate it with grand, broad, and comprehensive things. I do not find evidence of such in Broken Blade the anime. But in considering one or a few narrow, specific things, I think the … Continue reading

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Broken Blade 05 and The Broken Character

Is crazy supposed to make sense? Girghe doesn’t seem to. He takes over this part of the nairrative. He steals the show in the fourth film and owns this one… all the way to his spectacular and perplexing death. It … Continue reading

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The Blade is Broken, the Combat is Non-lethal; and Yet, Broken Blade 03 is Superb.

After three episodes/films I think Broken Blade has grown stronger. Part of this is how the background story’s flimsiness is mitigated by the sheer amount of time spent depicting the smaller robot battles – small enough to be called skirmishes. … Continue reading

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