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What Gundam Amounts To: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 40

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 39] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE showed me many things, and is still showing more – things I did not expect it to do or pull off – but more importantly, and perhaps most importantly, it just … Continue reading

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Schenberg Was Dead, Zeon Was Dead, Ezelcant is Dying, But Their Post-Human Ideals Remain a Gundam Thing: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 39

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 38] No Patrick Zala? No. He’s no visionary. He’s just a butthurt hater. Zeon Zum Deikum proclaimed that from among the Spacenoids a new type of human will emerge, suited for the environment and context of … Continue reading

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The Mask of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Episode 9)

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Episode 8] As opposed to previous episodes, a whole lot of stuff happened here. I won’t get into all of it in this post, but I think a breakdown is useful at this point: Wolf flies … Continue reading

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The Eternal Captain: Bright Noa in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 04

When I was still a Gundam skeptic, I could not get why Bright Noa had such a good reputation among mecha anime fans, if not general anime fans who had the sense to see and enjoy Universal Century Gundam shows.  … Continue reading

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Franchise Parallels: final Fantasy (Video Games) & Gundam (anime)

  I haven’t played enough of the games to make an exhaustive analysis or comparison, so I really am asking for guidance rather than telling you about my observations here. The Final Fantasy franchise of games features a struggle against … Continue reading

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