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Everything That Doesn’t Involve Kio’s Insufferable H4XX0RZ is Still Awesome: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 41

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 40] My worst fears continue to be confirmed as Kio tears through the Vagan-held Luna Base lopping off MS heads with precise shooting, for the sake of not killing; then lecture any enemy he can’t decapitate … Continue reading

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The Power of Love & Friendship: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 27

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 26] A lot of things went down, and most likely a number of red herrings in terms of character deaths. I’ll let you guys bring these up for discussion in the comments, as I’m going to … Continue reading

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Char, I am Disappoint: Revelations of a 3rd Viewing of Char’s Counterattack

I think Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack is an exceedingly important movie in that every time I view it, my opinion of something I had thought to be fundamental to the Gundam franchise changes. The first time I watched it … Continue reading

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Every time you make a typo, someone in Zeta Gundam gets smacked

In Gundam, ‘war sucks,’ ¹ only we can’t have enough of watching more of it. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is the darkest of the shows in the franchise that I’ve seen so far. I’ve seen the compilation movies a year ago … Continue reading

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