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Guilty Crown 2: Holland of the Rebellion ~Psalms of Anemone~

Guilty Crown episode two—sure is Eureka Seven and Code Geass in here, amirite? Do you even need to watch Code Geass episode two anymore after this? (Answer below.) No one’s surprised that this show is a lot like Code Geass. … Continue reading

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Code Geass vs. VOTOMS: The Mecha Roller Derby of Destruction!

[Amazingly, NO SPOILERS!] I had a moment of existential doubt approaching the end of Armored Trooper VOTOMS. It wasn’t the show I hoped it would be. This is not entirely a bad thing. Thanks to reading The Animanachronism, particularly the … Continue reading

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Sacred SeveN: Star Driver of the Rebellion, You Have (not) Seen Anything Yet

I’m obviously being facetious here by suggesting Sacred 7 is an amalgam of these high profile robot anime shows. It just so happens that I mainly watch robot anime shows so my frame of reference in watching a show like … Continue reading

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Armored Trooper VOTOMS: VOTOMS Finder (of the Rebellion) is GRIMDARK LITE and is Kind of Good

Even if only because of the wild enthusiasm for VOTOMS and its ATM-09-S Scopedog in the ongoing Sai Mecha tournament I’d watch this show, despite being lukewarm to the original Armored Trooper VOTOMS (I’m 32 episodes in) and becoming not … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Anime and Manga (Part V)

[Part IV] In this ongoing series I explore (along with fellow blogger friends) a concept of watching shows and reading manga for particular purposes, which I find personally more useful than categorizing them in genre lists. Those lists are still … Continue reading

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