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Space – Anime’s True Frontier

Space; anime’s true frontier. These are the episodes where true creative genius can thrive. To boldly let plot and character go where no man or woman has gone before.

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I Looked Around the Internet to Find Lists & Recommendations for Anime Love Stories and Found the Lists Quite Useless; So I Made My Own (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

I don’t know, maybe it’s because a lot of the people making these lists (or voting in these lists) know little about actual romance (or it may just be that I completely suck at research) . But then again, love … Continue reading

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Not Cheatin’ on Mai Waifu I Promise! Anime Women that I’d Marry Had I Been Single

Here in this post is a list and a gallery of female anime characters I hold in very high esteem. I’ve profiled them without using spoilers when I can, and I’ve provided warnings when I cannot avoid spoiling. Recently otou-san … Continue reading

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Baron Febdash is showing a bit of character…

[spoilers for Crest of the Stars as well as the former portion of Banner of the Stars I (that’s up to episode six)] At first glance Baron Febdash — or Atosryua Syun-Atos Lyuf Febdak Klowal — is a pretty simple villain.  He’s … Continue reading

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Lafiel is who I wanted Ranka to be and who I still want her to grow up as. Now I’m really into Crest of the Stars, though I only saw the anime franchise (Crest, Banner 1-3) last August (thanks to … Continue reading

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