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The Afterlife in Dragon Ball Kai: an Introduction

I’ve never finished watching Dragon Ball Z back in the 90s, so I relished the opportunity to follow the narrative through Dragon Ball Kai. I’ve never read much about the franchise the same way I’ve done for Macross and Gundam, … Continue reading

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Bankrupt (Sengoku) Basara: Can the Well of GAR Run Dry?

When we consume media, a discourse occurs between the information we recieve and what we know/remember from what we’ve consumed in the past. We actively seek out patterns, checking it with instances where we’ve seen similar things. We make statements … Continue reading

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Son Goku Got His Name Back, But Radish Got All of His Game

This is not an episodic review. I really just need to get this post out of my system. I had finally seen the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Kai series, which is a remastered version of Dragon Ball Z trimmed of … Continue reading

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The making of an otaku: the ten shows that (de)cultured this specimen

The vanity press that publishes this blog gives me the freedom to post lists that are relevant only to myself. That said, in the spirit of transparency of biases that inform my reading methodology I present this list of anime … Continue reading

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