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World Building as Plot: Madoka Magica Finale (Spoilers)

If I were a fan of Magic Girl shows, little girls showing their underwear ever so teasingly (and getting naked if only during the OP), SHAFT, Shinbo and/or Urobochi, then I’d probably think Magic Girl Madoka Magica is a stunning … Continue reading

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RideBack and Peak Synchronization: End of Evangelion minus the Tang

The final battle, or I should say Rin’s performance in the finale of RideBack is a virtuous conceit. It’s a conceit because it had completely divorced itself from realism¹ in order to portray what would have been a brutal fight … Continue reading

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Xam’d Finale: Not Perfect, I Loved it, and How it Could’ve Been Much Worse

It took me a longer time to finish Xam’d, but I’m glad I watched it in batches. When I was watching it at a one episode a week pace it was too easy for me to lose touch with the … Continue reading

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