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Robot Fighting, a Retrospective: From Brawling to Mass Destruction and Back

I’ve recently started watching Tetsujin 28 Go (2004), an incredible TV anime done with the same spirit and gravitas as was the OVA Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1991), both by Yasuhiro Imagawa based on Yokohama Mitsuteru’s … Continue reading

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Sacred SeveN: Star Driver of the Rebellion, You Have (not) Seen Anything Yet

I’m obviously being facetious here by suggesting Sacred 7 is an amalgam of these high profile robot anime shows. It just so happens that I mainly watch robot anime shows so my frame of reference in watching a show like … Continue reading

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The Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type Should Win Sai Mecha (The Zaku II is Doomed)

The Test Type has had a dominant run. It beat the robots it’s supposed to, the only danger was when it went up against the Tachikoma, which ‘swing’ voters elevated over units with actual fanbases. Even so, the casual fans … Continue reading

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I Must Not Run Away (From This Nightmare Semi-final in Sai Mecha): Evangelion Unit 01 Test Type vs. Macross Variable Fighter 01

I’ve had a crazy busy week so I was not able to campaign for this important semifinal round in Sai Mecha. Still, I present this piece on why the VF-01 should (logically, but not a prediction) be voted over the popular … Continue reading

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Finding Authenticity, or at least Resonance, in the Presentation of Dreams

I recently rewatched Akira, a show for all its many visual merits, has a gem with Tetsuo’s dream sequence in the “hospital” he was held. Granted, the dream was manipulated by the other ESPers but the presentation of the dream … Continue reading

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