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Nisemonogatari 11: The Fitting Finale of This Fake Show (So Very, Very Bad)

[Nisemonogatari 10] I’ll let the siscon fanservice slide, as overt and explicit as it was – on second thought, no. This is the kind of sophistry that pisses me off. Two levels of cop-out: You’re not my real sister, so … Continue reading

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When Inauthenticity is Fanservice, It’s a NICE MONOGATARI BRO (Nisemonogatari 06)

[Nisemonogatari 05] The  manipulations of this show lends to an amazing symmetry. No, I don’t want to talk any garbage about “trolling.” Here’s the manipulation: There are two value propositions in Nisemonogatari that on the surface at least, work at  … Continue reading

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Mapping the Territories of Fanservice (with the Compass of Subjectivity LOL)

I like my fanservice; I really do. I enjoy it in many forms of popular media, but in anime and manga I get more of it, and enjoy most of it. However, it’s not limited to sexual titillation. Actually, this … Continue reading

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Loving Someone Down: Letter Bee 04

I’m going to start with something that resembles a gripe that I started making after seeing episode three. The panty shot obliquus that had Lag getting a full flash commando view of a leaping loli upskirt is one thing, but … Continue reading

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Human Packages and a Fanservice Package in Letter Bee (episode 03)

This show has gotten me thinking about strangest of things; bothersome not in the sense that these things significantly affect my experience of anime as a whole, or even just this show, but a couple of things that are like … Continue reading

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