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The Many Ways Avatar: the Last Airbender Remembers Love For Anime

There’s a good reason that many people mistake Avatar: the Last Airbender for an anime, and it’s not just the stylized character designs and facial expressions (though those are a big part of it). In the last ten years, a number of Western cartoons have emerged that emulate those aspects of anime, but more often than not, they ultimately have more in common with other Western cartoons than Japanese ones. That isn’t true of Avatar—the series shows its influences proudly, and without a doubt, those influences are mostly anime. Continue reading

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[The Only Bakuman Anime Blog Post You’ll Ever Want to Read] Over the last six months, Ashirogi Muto’s 4-koma FullMetal Panty & Stocking of the Rebellion: You Can (Not) Believe This put them consistently in the top five of Shounen … Continue reading

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Moments of 2010: FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 60 I Find The Darkest Hour

I had watched this show in a marathon pace taking about two weeks a few months after the show finished airing. As such, my experience of it differs from those who followed the show from week to week over the … Continue reading

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We Remember Love Editorial Folio Vol. 6: Best of the Year “Recency Bias” Edition

This is a preposterous title, but I am ok with it. Just don’t make too much of it, as it merely means the posts I am most happy with that I haven’t featured yet in the folio, which kind of … Continue reading

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Warfare and Genocide in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

One thing that really got my attention in FMA: BRO is the graphic and unflinching depiction of death in warfare. It reminded me of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Berserk, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes (among others) in … Continue reading

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