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Fly In The Sky! Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Last Shoutout

As much violence Mobile Fighter G Gundam does violence to the very idea of Gundam and its primary value proposition, it is nonetheless a work full of love. It’s love however isn’t limited to the Gundam franchise, but instead did … Continue reading

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You Can’t Beat My Gundam Fighter Shuffle Alliance, But You Can Certainly try

No I don’t really think my version Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s super team is really that broken, but I certainly tried. I think I just put together a group that is almost equally fail as it is awesome. Or, the … Continue reading

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Best-in-Class Robot/Pilot(s) Combination: Delicious Mecha Faggotry

If you had to choose what ‘anime (manga) universe’ you could be in and become a mecha pilot there (with your own machine of course) what would it be? Being a shameless mecha fan(tard), of course this is SRS BSNS. … Continue reading

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Bankrupt (Sengoku) Basara: Can the Well of GAR Run Dry?

When we consume media, a discourse occurs between the information we recieve and what we know/remember from what we’ve consumed in the past. We actively seek out patterns, checking it with instances where we’ve seen similar things. We make statements … Continue reading

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