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Panty & Stocking in Sanitarybox is Disgustingly Exploitative and I Hate Myself (But Not Too Much) For Liking the Hell Out of It (God! My! Oh! etc)

Look, I was NEVER one of those whining bitches who moan about how anime has been dying since the end of the 1970s (Real robots? Cancer that’ll kill anime. What shitty thing shall they think of next? Transforming mass-produced military … Continue reading

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The Many Ways Avatar: the Last Airbender Remembers Love For Anime

There’s a good reason that many people mistake Avatar: the Last Airbender for an anime, and it’s not just the stylized character designs and facial expressions (though those are a big part of it). In the last ten years, a number of Western cartoons have emerged that emulate those aspects of anime, but more often than not, they ultimately have more in common with other Western cartoons than Japanese ones. That isn’t true of Avatar—the series shows its influences proudly, and without a doubt, those influences are mostly anime. Continue reading

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Does Hideaki Anno Remember Love?

Hey guys. Remember me? I’d like to take you on a quick little journey. The time: A little more than fifteen years ago. The place: Hideaki Anno’s brain. And what a dark place it is. I’m not going to cite … Continue reading

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Would our anime heroes enjoy anime?

Outside of gag shows, and slice-of-life shows that enjoy referencing the otaku culture, I often wonder if anime exists in the worlds that are presented to us. I wonder if the heroes we look up to (and most of them … Continue reading

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