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Reflections on the Power of Inspiration (Hot-Bloodedness): Scale and Skill

As much as I dislike tumblr, I am also addicted to it. There is something about this raw consumption of images; they are barely filtered, editorialized, and commented on. Often they are regurgitated by bloggers many times over, each one … Continue reading

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Hot-Blooded Sentimentality: A Reflection on Manly Tears

Men don’t like crying (obviously an intentional generalization, so relax dear sensitive reader)… so much so, that when men (I’m being generous with my extending the classification to adolescent males) watch shounen anime or robot anime and they find themselves … Continue reading

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Frontier of Hot-Bloodedness: It ISN’T Manly (DUN DUN DUN)

Anime and Manga have been for me, a wealth of gratuitous displays of manliness. Before I get sucked into gender politics discussion, I disclose that I am male and revel in gratuitous displays of manliness for whatever reason you probably … Continue reading

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“Coachy!” Gunbuster tells you to aim for the top! But you won’t believe what you find there! (gunbuster)

There are some legendary shows that you’re just not going to avoid. Shows that though you may have never seen a screenshot, have been engrained into your psyche simply through reference and word of mouth. That show for me was … Continue reading

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The Oversubscription and Bankruptcy of Hope (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 06)

While there were a few things worthy of sustained interest in the episode, and that it still gave me a feeling that it ended sooner than the 20 minutes it lasted, it felt strangely uneventful. Nonetheless, I felt provoked and … Continue reading

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