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The Recency Bias and How it Affects Anime Appreciation

[Pic somehow related] I just finished watching a lot of shows in the past 2 months, as well as read a lot of manga. I look at my recent archives and see how much samurai anime and manga I’ve bee … Continue reading

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“Why fire one missile when you launch a whole circus?” – Itano Ichiro

No he didn’t really say that. There are conceits in mecha anime action, conceits because they defy logic and common sense [->]; a lot of them are virtuous conceits because they contribute to the aesthetics and excitement of the show. … Continue reading

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TOP GUNS: Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory meets Macross Plus as Anime that Have the Most Love for Mecha

There isn’t enough focus on actual mecha in mecha anime. Strange? Yes. Despite the propensity of these shows to act as advertisements for their respective merchendise, I find a lack of actual detailed focus. In recent shows like Macross Frontier … Continue reading

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The Arousal of a Mecha-Fetish: A Closet Otaku’s Story

Greetings! I crawl out of the hell that is everyday life to being you my memories of love. Some of you who regularly consume this blog will note that I have yet to introduce myself properly. I am a 26 … Continue reading

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