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Nisemonogatari 04: Wherein The Things I Will Not Write About Will Tell You About My Worst Nightmare About This Series Coming True

[Nisemonogatari 03] Hanekawa is powerful. She is a joy to watch. It is revealed how she dominated Senjougahara over the phone in the previous episode. She told her basically “Do as I say or I will ask Araragi to be … Continue reading

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There are Dark Places in the World, a Home For Ghosts: Bakemonogatari Finally (Finale)

In the end, what I take away is a story of friends and friendship. Senjougahara represented romantic love, and while all the other girls (Hanekawa, Oshino Shinobu, Hachikuji, Kanbaru, Sengoku)  flirted with us (yes, we viewers) in creating a harem … Continue reading

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Tsubasa Cat and Araragi Dog: Bakemonogatari 13

I can’t help but feel good about how Araragi reminisces about Senjougahara at the beginning of the episode. It tells me that their first date was indeed about something. Every step forward in his relationship with Senjougahara is initiated by … Continue reading

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Bakemonogatari 11: You Are (Not) a Man

In the conclusion of Nadeko Snake, we learn more about Araragi than Nadeko herself. More and more Bakemonogatari shifts its narrative focus to tell the story of Araragi. Luckily for me, he is very interesting on a number of levels. … Continue reading

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