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Countdown to the End of the World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s 30 Favorite Anime of All Time (20-11)

[Ranks 30-21] I thought I’d refine how I presented my guideline criteria from the last post. I think it’s very important to say that while I love characters, drama, crowning moments, etc. It is perhaps even more important to say … Continue reading

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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Sunken ‘Ships (A Post of Fail in Matters of Love)

This post has spoilers, but you will be able to avoid them easily. I divided the sections via anime title so you can easily skip those you haven’t seen yet. I’ve put all images in separate slideshows (if you’re reading … Continue reading

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Loneliness and a lifetime; an exploration on a turn of phrase in Honey and Clover

During Takemoto’s defining journey in the narrative, Hagu wonders if Takemoto is lonely. Shuu-sensei says he probably is. Loneliness comes suddenly like waves, one after the other, and recedes just as fast. That continues on forever. It’s the same for … Continue reading

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