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Springtime for Jet Black: Cowboy Bebop 21 “Boogie Woogie Feng Shui”

[Cowboy Bebop 20 “Pierrot Le Fou”] I don’t get the impression that viewers like this episode very much. I always had difficulty getting into it. I think I know now exactly why. There are two closely related but distinct reasons: … Continue reading

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The Kowloon Standard Date Plan and How Aquarion EVOL Continues to Show the Best Hong Kong in Animation

[The Complete and Ultimate Post on Aquarion EVOL Episodes 1 & 2] First, it was Neo Venezia… It’s a challenge for me to rewatch Aria the Origination now (even worse is Aria the Animation) because Aquarion Evol illustrated and animated … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell 2.0 We Remember Hong Kong

Ghost in the Shell is one of the anime titles that sent me along this otaku path. I haven’t seen it in about 8 years and I didn’t pass on watching the 2.0 update. I won’t dwell on the differences … Continue reading

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