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The False Farewell: Macross Frontier 06 (Bye Bye Sheryl)

She doesn’t get to leave this episode, but delivers a farewell concert. I’ve mentioned in my post on episode two (Hard Chase) that what the Macross Franchise does very well is to stage musical set-pieces. By this I mean there … Continue reading

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LISTEN TO MY SONG! VOL. 10: Wanna Be an Angel

I don’t see a lot of discussion about this track, and speaking for myself I’ve overlooked this particular piece of the Macross Plus OSTs. This is a shame that I rectify for great justice. This song is awesome, and immediately … Continue reading

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LISTEN TO MY SONG VOL. 8: [マクロスF]macross frontier 娘々スペシャルサービスメドレー(特盛り)(Ver.BeiJing Girl)

In the banquet that is the finale of Macross Frontier, the main course is the Nyan Nyan Service Medley – a piece of music in excess of 6 minutes, scoring the final set-piece battle sequence with all kinds of excess … Continue reading

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