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DonKangolJones’ End of Year Special: Best Anime Music of the Year (2010)

I’m back again.  DonKangolJones here remembering love for 2010 with another guest post.  You’d think I didn’t have my own blog.  I didn’t have one last year, but here are my favorites from 2009, just for fun. Last Year’s Winners … Continue reading

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Moments of 2010: The Failure and Triumph of Katanagatari (Finale)

I’m not sure if the conceits of the show hang together in the end (I had just finished watching the finale), but right now it feels that way. And, for feeling that way, I feel rather fulfilled. The very ending … Continue reading

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I Am Confused (Katanagatari 11)

This is not to say I didn’t like the episode. It felt meaty and full in terms of moving the story forward, as well as providing the back story for Kiki and the deviant swords as well as the origin … Continue reading

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The Beingness of a Weapon: Katanagatari 10

My apologies in advance if this post will seem rushed. Despite the high volume of posts this past week, I wrote only one within the last 45 days. I’ve been rather busy with my practical projects and my ability to … Continue reading

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We Remember Love Editorial Folio Vol. 5: The Appreciation of Character

At par with, if not beyond any other thing that makes a story memorable to are the characters in it. Co-existent with annual best-of lists are fan-driven tournaments of characters based on their popularity. While such events are also informed … Continue reading

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