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Kino no Tabi 08 Where Storytelling POV Makes a Difference

For the first time, the narrative starts from a different POV. I don’t like it. I would have preferred that Kino no Tabi was told entirely from the traveler’s perspective. This alllows me to imagine that somehow we are experiencing … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 07 “Entertainment: the Greatest Good”

Those who are about to die, the “gladiators,” for putting on what apparently was an unusually entertaining set of fights, was rewarded by the king. Now, how would a king reward those who were still about to die? What can … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 06 “Are You Not Entertained?”

This time here is a land that is unambiguously evil. Well, the ruler is evil at least, described as “hedonistic” and is supported by its citizenry. How can a citizenry support a lifestyle completely devoted to entertainment? Who pays for … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 05 Work for Work’s Sake

Kino travels to a land that is so rich and developed that the machines run everything and humans have nothing to do. However, it has a peculiar resource distribution system wherein the humans have to accumulate stress from difficult tasks … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 04 The Joy of Work

Here the origin story of Kino is told, and I’m surprised how it became a tale of appropriated identity. Also, the beautiful world is a dystopian fantasy. I’ve said that this story is about how meanings are born from contrasts. … Continue reading

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