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A Benevolent Spiral: How Media Prepares Me to Appreciate Anime, No Matter Unrelated; and Yeah, ZETMAN.

The last thing I want to suggest is that there is some kind of “required viewing” in order to appreciate particular anime, perhaps the notable classics. No, I don’t believe such exist as necessary requirements. I do believe however, that … Continue reading

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Why are the Villains in the First Season of Legend of the Galactic Heroes so Stupid?!?

I’m rewatching the show, and after 24 episodes I’ve stopped making excuses. The villains in Legend of the Galactic Heroes are shamefully incompetent. Andrew Fork and the Alliance Admirals who adopted his invasion plan; Yang Wenli’s contemporaries; Prince Braunschweig and … Continue reading

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Why Are the Extended Conversations in Legend of The Galactic Heroes Riveting While Those in Fate/Zero are Coma-Inducing?

I think I know why. But first, some disclaimers. Not every extended conversation in Legend of the Galactic Heroes is exemplary; some will be guilty of what those in Fate/Zero do. Conversely, there are conversations in Fate/Zero that are remarkable … Continue reading

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Lay Your Heart Down Onto The Sea of The Stars, Noburo Ishiguro RIP (1938-2012) We Will Forever Remember Love

[News of Death] My remembrance may or may not last longer than these Youtube videos staying up, in the midst of all the copyright/internet legislation governments all over the world are attempting. It won’t matter that my purposes here are, … Continue reading

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Countdown to the End of the World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s 30 Favorite Anime of All Time (The Top Ten)

[Ranks 30-21] [Ranks 20-11] It takes a view of the whole list to characterize myself as a fan of anime. An observant reader pointed out that ranks 27-17 is an uninterrupted streak of robot anime. The relative absence of which … Continue reading

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