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All You Need is Love-Eureka seveN Episode 18

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 17] Everyone needs a little down time. Some R&R, a break from the fight, rest for the weary. And honestly, for this show, this applies for not only the characters, but us as the viewer as … Continue reading

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You Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To My Drool – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 1

With spring comes renewed energy. New love is often associated with spring. My wife and I met in April. And this spring anime season has brought with it three love stories. And by no means are they typical love; Zombies, … Continue reading

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You should be so lucky (watching anime with your girl).

I’ve learned watching anime with your girl/guy is not a common thing in the anime watching world. But when it does happen it’s special. It is probably even more unlikely that they get to follow you through your growth as … Continue reading

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Today, Ghostlightning turns 33, and it’s a good thing that he’s old enough not to care, seeing as his birthday will never matter again, being so close to his daughter’s. That’s right, Ghostlightning recently gave birth to BusterBeamSlash, so life is going pretty damn well for him right now! I am of the theory that GL is some kind of ultra-human or something. Successful, nice, cool, family man, and a damn good blogger. Almost makes you want to tear out and consume his heart to gain some of his powers! Continue reading

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