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The Legacy of Robotech in Macross

Pssst ghostlighting, don’t you have it backwards? Do I, really? Of course, strictly speaking Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospaeda all existed prior to Robotech and it was the work of Carl Macek … Continue reading

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Countdown to the End of the World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s 30 Favorite Anime of All Time (30-21)

I put together the most involved ranking of my favorite anime a year ago. I won’t link you to that post until I’m finished with this series of three posts. Why a revision? I watch a lot of new anime, … Continue reading

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Is Kawamori’s Macross Your Macross?

I don’t make a custom of regarding quotations from the creator about the subject work as definitive interpretations of the created product. I don’t think it’s unimportant either, but no I don’t privilege it as “Word of God” as a … Continue reading

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Hot-Blooded Sentimentality: A Reflection on Manly Tears

Men don’t like crying (obviously an intentional generalization, so relax dear sensitive reader)… so much so, that when men (I’m being generous with my extending the classification to adolescent males) watch shounen anime or robot anime and they find themselves … Continue reading

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LISTEN TO MY SONG! VOL. 10: Wanna Be an Angel

I don’t see a lot of discussion about this track, and speaking for myself I’ve overlooked this particular piece of the Macross Plus OSTs. This is a shame that I rectify for great justice. This song is awesome, and immediately … Continue reading

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