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YACK DECULTURE! Lynn Minmay Did NOT Sing “Do You Remember Love?”

It’s a strange thing to write, as a devoted Macross fan, and an irredeemable Minmay fan, on the eve of the fictional date of the Armstice between the Human and Zentreadi forces on September 11, 2009 – but only if … Continue reading

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Laughter, RAGE, & Tears for the G0dd4mn3d AKB0048 Finale

[AKB0048 Episode 12] This show surprised me a fair bit on its way to this end, and most of the time the surprises were good. This finale however is a mixed bag of awesomeness and awfulness with little in between. … Continue reading

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The Impracticality of Ace Pilots Vs. The Alien Apocalypse: Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episode 03

[Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episode 02] First of  all let me make it clear that I loved this episode. I’ve been asking for a show that’s similar to Macross Plus and Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, particularly in … Continue reading

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A Loving Portrayal of The Hater: AKB0048 Episode 06

[AKB0048 Episode 05] Orine, who proclaimed that she intended to succeed Sachiko, becomes the target of hate mail – an interesting dynamic previously unexplored in idol anime that I’ve seen. While I know there were attacks on Ranka’s website, catty … Continue reading

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I See What You Did There AKB0048 Episode 05, and We Cool

[AKB0048 Episode 04] The conceit (or at least, one of the main ones) of AKB0048 is how each idol character in this far distant future is a “successor” of the present day AKB48 idol group. Now I know next to … Continue reading

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