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You Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To My Drool – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 1

With spring comes renewed energy. New love is often associated with spring. My wife and I met in April. And this spring anime season has brought with it three love stories. And by no means are they typical love; Zombies, … Continue reading

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The Trap of Comparing Vinland Saga With Berserk

Is obvious but I fall for it anyway. I’ll live. I’ve this thing for historical fiction (e.g. The Masters of Rome; series of novels by Colleen McCullough) , or fiction that presents itself as some kind of historical record (e.g. … Continue reading

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Homunculus Horrified Me; This Manga is Amazing

Nakoshi can see things in a crowd. The crowd isn’t wholly human, but something else. I wouldn’t know if it’s accurate to categorize this manga as horror, but I am filled with it. It’s not so much the psychological mutilation … Continue reading

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What Shouldn’t Work But Instead Got Amazing: Honeymoon Salad (Manga)

One night, I read through 4 volumes (30 chapters) of Honeymoon Salad, an adult and sexually explicit love story manga by Ninomiya Hikaru serialized in Young Animal magazine. I can be susceptible to impassioned recommendations, you see. I read through … Continue reading

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Harsh! Consuming Media Not-So-Related to Our Interests

First thing: throw objectivity out of this discussion. I am not interested in pontificating about good or bad shows, or the practice of reviewing anime and manga. I’m talking here as a consumer, specifically a sampling non-fan. It’s something I’ve … Continue reading

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