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Cho Jikuu Yosai Macross 25-28: Where Kawamori Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

This arc is the answer to the question: “What is Macross?” Kawamori Shoji, series creator described the show as a “love triangle set against the backdrop of great battles.” While this is only the creator’s own reading or claim about … Continue reading

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Cho Jikuu Yosai Macross (21-24) Crouching Giant, Little White Dragon

Misa goes back to Earth, while Minmay goes deeper into the Kaifun Dimension. Thankfully, this storyline isn’t what makes this arc a great watch. More Zentraedi are now struck with Macross  pop culture-fever and they have Minmay in the head. … Continue reading

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Cho Jikuu Yosai Macross (09-12) Everything is in Place

The pendulum swings wildly in these four episodes, both in terms of mood and of production quality. SDFM has always had major problems with character designs going off-model (something that happens in TV editions all the way to Macross Frontier … Continue reading

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Macross 7: Surviving the first 20 Episodes

The points in this post are recycled from a comment, a response to Martin’s comment on LISTEN TO MY SONG! Vol. 2. I mention this just to be cute and symmetrical to the wholesale recycling of animation that happens in … Continue reading

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