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What Your Votes in Sai Mecha 2012 Round One Earth Side Say About You

[Vote Here] LET’S GET IT ON! The fight has officially started and I have drawn the sword of truth to point out with righteousness the way to vote in this most awesome of tournaments.

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12 Moments of Anime 2011: Mazinkaiser SKL ENTERS THE BATTLEFIELD

I’m going to do things a lot different this year. I’m actually going to post these babies 12 days straight leading up to Christmas. These are my thoughts in verse on 12 moments that I remember love for this generous … Continue reading

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What the Robots You Voted for SaiMecha Round 1 (Earth Side) Say About You

[Click image for Tengen Toppa size, if you can’t handle that, here’s something smaller] With the end of Star Driver, which threw a gigantic Hail Mary pile of robot sparkles in its final episode, Winter ends and so does the … Continue reading

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Mazinkaiser SKL 02 and The Language of Violence

Hyperbole aside, since this episode does have some moments of bomb-diffusing, telepathic boob activities, and maybe some other thing that I can’t seem to remember. It is otherwise a constant series of physical violence. It’s remarkable, really. Two set-piece sieges: … Continue reading

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Mazinkaiser SKL is like Star Driver for Real Boys

[NO SPOILERS] It takes a certain maturity to appreciate (not uh, ‘ironically’ make fun of) the effeminate male antics of Star Driver with its flashy costumes, flamboyant movements, and androgynous character designs. This is only worth mentioning in this conversation … Continue reading

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