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Macross Frontier as Mecha Anime—The 7th of 6 Posts on The Wings of Farewell

I wrote a series of 6 posts on the final Macross Frontier film and realized too late that I had said nothing about it as robot anime. Sure, the Macross franchise is built on love stories set against the backdrop … Continue reading

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The Relevant Brilliance of Broken Blade (Finale)

When I think of brilliance I usually associate it with grand, broad, and comprehensive things. I do not find evidence of such in Broken Blade the anime. But in considering one or a few narrow, specific things, I think the … Continue reading

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What The Robots You Voted for Sai Mecha Round 1 (Colonies Side) Say About You

The previous entry on What The Robots You Voted for Sai Mecha Round 1 (Earth Side) Say About You resulted in a mass self-awareness event. No need to thank me, I’ve only arrived at my Newtype powers in the thick … Continue reading

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Broken Blade 04 is Breaking Out the Right Moves

Recently T.H.A.T. Anime Blog graciously published my aspirations for the robot show of the future. In it I asked for two things: 1) an entry-level kids’ show that has strong merchandising potential so as to create new fans organically, and … Continue reading

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For All My Sophist Coordination, My Love For Gundam is All Natural

It may seem like a long time, but I’ve only been a fan of the Gundam franchise for two years, if it makes sense to affix the date on the publication of this post: Before I Knew it, I Became … Continue reading

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