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Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (My boyfriend is a nimrod.)

I take a unique and special joy out of watching a classic and connecting with it.  It’s different now than how it was when I first watched pitifully, horrible quality fansubs (I’m talking about picture AND translation) over 10 years … Continue reading

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Gundam 00 – What You Leave Behind

Gundam 00’s Counterttack Call me Siskel to ghostlightning’s Ebert but I greatly enjoyed this movie and only searching for the time to write about it has kept me from making this post.  It’s been almost 4 years now since the … Continue reading

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For the Love of Robots Don’t Kill Yuuki!!! (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 07)

Finally Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 delivers on it’s teasing. In this episode, we have robots. Awesome, real robots; robots that have real-world applications and are designed with practical sensibilities. They get to do awesome things too, and the show provides us … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of The Mecha Character Aesthetic (Prototype Characters And The Tropes They Started)

Earlier this week ghostlightning wrote up a post about how Gundam Wing had been mislabelled the start of the Bishounen aesthetic in male mecha anime characters, but really it was more of a reason to gush about Five Star Stories.  … Continue reading

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A Meditation on Robots, not mecha, ROBOTS!

[This post will have many references, and no spoilers]. I’ve taken time to pause from my obsession with mecha anime typology (super robot vs. real robot) to consider robots in anime… the non-galactic-busting, turn you into a God or a … Continue reading

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