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Hero of the Weak: Tiger and Bunny 08 (Also Why I Should Be Part of the Writing Team For This Show, Para-text Section)

I didn’t expect to be writing about this show this often, and so soon since my last post on it. This is even made more remarkable because I thought I had just read the best insight on Tiger and Bunny. … Continue reading

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A Criticism of (My Own) Critical Approaches

This is not for you. By criticism I do not mean the activity by which one points out the flaws or merits in a (body of work) as one does in a review, often with a purpose of either recommending … Continue reading

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Today, Ghostlightning turns 33, and it’s a good thing that he’s old enough not to care, seeing as his birthday will never matter again, being so close to his daughter’s. That’s right, Ghostlightning recently gave birth to BusterBeamSlash, so life is going pretty damn well for him right now! I am of the theory that GL is some kind of ultra-human or something. Successful, nice, cool, family man, and a damn good blogger. Almost makes you want to tear out and consume his heart to gain some of his powers! Continue reading

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Remembering Love by Putting Shows on “Top Anime” Lists is SOOO 00s; or, There’s More Than One Way to Let People Know Detroit Metal City is Awesome; or, Here’s a New Addition to the WRL Family

While I have nothing truly against ranked lists, I don’t really enjoy them for the ranking and listing aspect. I read them because I like how bloggers attempt to justify the placement of such anime in their respective lists in … Continue reading

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