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Deifying Anime Characters: Do You Remember Love?

[Discussion Begins at Kaioshin_Sama’s post: Deux ex Anime] Suzumiya Haruhi made religion cool, or at least moé. A brash and obnoxious know-it-all high school girl who also happens to be devastatingly attractive as a literal goddess is quite a brilliant … Continue reading

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LISTEN TO MY SONG VOL. 6: Angel Paints with Voices

I didn’t follow a linear path, but I’ve completed The Super Dimensional Journey of Love Remembered, meaning I’ve seen every single episode in the Macross franchise canon. Since Macross Frontier and Macross 7 have spectacular music, I expected that my … Continue reading

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The Hidden Fail of Macross Sequels

This is Mechafetish, and I too, remember love. I will be introducing myself in a later post, but for now I am a good friend of ghostlightning and co-conspirator in many things awesome. I will be posting here more and … Continue reading

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Tenshi no Enogu

I have a request for the upcoming Macross Frontier movie: have Ranka cover this song. Please. I know Ranka can pull it off. You see, Iijima Mari-san is more like Ranka than she is like Minmei. See her here:

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