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Fly In The Sky! Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Last Shoutout

As much violence Mobile Fighter G Gundam does violence to the very idea of Gundam and its primary value proposition, it is nonetheless a work full of love. It’s love however isn’t limited to the Gundam franchise, but instead did … Continue reading

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What I Inevitably Think About When I Watch Moé Anime

It can’t be helped.

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God, the Devil, and Imagawa Yasuhiro

I am far less a fan of creators than the works actually created. Being this way I approach this post knowing that I won’t be providing much insight or contributions to the biography of the anime director Imagawa Yasuhiro, or … Continue reading

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The Virtuous Rivalry (300th Post!)

[Watch in HD! The manga panels are just meant to be skimmed, don’t sweat it if you can’t read most of the text]

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