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Katanagatari 09: Jealous Moé Service

I will most likely do this episode a terrible disservice. There are a lot of interesting things that happened, and the plot inches closer to its conclusion. However, I will ignore all of that here in this post because what … Continue reading

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Ookami-san and the Curious Ironies of Modern Moe

Consider the case of Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, a show which, while ultimately unapologetic about its use of moe elements, is bound by the demands of its target audience (or something) to include one of those episodes. You know … Continue reading

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Moé Just Doesn’t Cut it: Macross Frontier 04 (Miss Macross)

In talent(?)-based reality(?) television programs, there is this phenomenon wherein a less-than-talented but cute (contingent to subjective fan|fanbase appeal) contestant gets poor marks, bonus points for when the vicious judge shits all over her — often justified, and that contestant … Continue reading

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Feeling Legitimately Moe for a real-life Moeblob MOE~MOE~KYUUN~KYUUN

Here it is: a legitimate moe-blob, all 1.6 centimeters of blobby, defenseless, useless, incapable, thoughtless blob of a human being that I’d do anything to protect. All it does is float uselessly in the womb and grow body parts. Now … Continue reading

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Finding Your Starter Moe Anime

Do you know what ‘moe’ is? Chances are you do, and if you don’t, it’s not something you can learn through words alone. The phenomenon is one of the biggest factors of modern anime, and is a major part of … Continue reading

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