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A Dichotomy of Protagonists: Kawamori Shoji Presents Something to Chew On

[SPOILERS FOR MACROSS] Kawamori Shoji, creator of the Macross franchise said that in Super Dimension Fortress Macross/Macross: Do You Remember Love? “(Hikaru is the hero) Misa is the heroine, Minmay is the star.” I always thought of this as rather … Continue reading

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Anime and Manga Difficult to Write About

This is less about the nature of the shows but rather my own inability to comment on them in such a way that adds value to those who have seen the show, and/or those who would want to. I noticed … Continue reading

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The Arousal of a Mecha-Fetish: A Closet Otaku’s Story

Greetings! I crawl out of the hell that is everyday life to being you my memories of love. Some of you who regularly consume this blog will note that I have yet to introduce myself properly. I am a 26 … Continue reading

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