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Neon Genesis Aquarion Astral Ocean 09 (Eureka SeveN AO 09)

[Eureka SeveN AO Episode 08] [I’m filling in for Joe, who’s currently moonlighting as a masked superhero in New York City (what else is one supposed to do there?) so you’ll have to bear with my utter lack of patience … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Revolutionary Girl Utena and the Be Papas Diaspora That uh, Revolutionized Anime (From Goldfish Warning, from Evangelion, to FLCL, to Princess Tutu, to Mawaru Penguindrum)

Well, not quite a diaspora and not really a revolution… but the accomplishments of the group of people who eventually made Revolutionary Girl Utena together and then moved on to make other shows awe me. Yes, the kind of awesome … Continue reading

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Countdown to the End of the World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s 30 Favorite Anime of All Time (The Top Ten)

[Ranks 30-21] [Ranks 20-11] It takes a view of the whole list to characterize myself as a fan of anime. An observant reader pointed out that ranks 27-17 is an uninterrupted streak of robot anime. The relative absence of which … Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn as a Eulogy for the Newtype

While the Universal Century continued with its wars and the involvement of Gundam in them via Gundam F91 (film), Crossbone Gundam (manga), and Victory Gundam (TV), for some fans such as myself the story of the Universal Century was the … Continue reading

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Moments of 2010: You Can (Not) Advance The Plot Using Slice of Life

The Class Trip is a trope in itself for shows that have characters who are still in school. It’s usually a set-piece wherein (romantic) sub-plots are culminated or initiated, or at least romance-related humour is indulged. I personally have seen … Continue reading

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